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Anybody Want A Twinkie?

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10/6/09 09:21 am - starfiredreams - It's boring as hell with everyone gone!

Ugh. After all the excitement life seems pretty damn boring lately. Especially since I'm now stuck on the Durandal. I can't even go see Momo.

So. Freaking. Bored.

Anyone want to do a dive? Anything? Please?

5/28/09 01:56 pm - tigerpriestess

I've got to get Enterprise back to my space dock.  I don't think we can get all the repairs done out here.  Plus i've got to get back to Earth. There's a fleet to rebuild and things to be done.  I've also got to look into expanding my tiny little space dock.  Sorry everyone. 

Oh and who can forget, I have a ceremony to commence.  Someone is getting promoted.  :)

5/16/09 09:18 pm - fortunaarial

Wow, you know, I think I was missed.  So will it make everyone feel better if I tell you all that I'm fine, the ship is fine and we saved Vulcan?  I'm just awesome like that.  And I got a new avatar to boot. Kick ass.

5/13/09 06:38 pm - tigerpriestess

I've finished sorting through all the data that was on the black boxes we managed to retrieve.  Thanks for your help Stilletto by the way.  And you too Jim.  I'm very thankful for everyone's help in this. 

You have to remember that a lot of the worlds I've run into so far are still new to me.  We just recently met up with the Vulcan's, and I had only heard of their distant relation, the Romulans.  However it seems that this is all the doing of a Romulan ship and as of right now, as far as I'm concerned, they are black listed. So black listed that I think they fall in next to the Black Lance somewhere.  After I find this ship and blow it out of space, then I will be going about trying to learn about this race so that I can better know what we're dealing with. 

It's still a little hard for me to realize that half of my entire fleet has been obliterated.  I'm back to square one.  I will unfortunately have to recall a few of my ships from the font lines.  

The Enterprise is still unaccounted for, as are both Josh and Pearl.  All I can hope is that neither of them were on any of the ships that were here. 

I'll be getting a clean up crew out as fast as I can manage to try and salvage at least the scraps unless anyone else wants first dibs at any of it.  It might prove useful to someone else.  I'll just be melting it down again to be reused for building new ships. 

Does anyone have any questions, comments, suggestions? 

I really want to sleep now...but I can't....

5/11/09 08:16 am - tigerpriestess

I got no sleep.  Dude, I never thought I'd see the day.  And I didn't even take advantage of the situation.  Does anyone know where we are?  When we'll get there?  

5/10/09 07:15 pm - tigerpriestess - Leaving

Okay, this ship is out of here.  Now.  The City of Atlantis is taking off.  Once we get this thing into orbit, I need to meet with someone, anyone, that might have a clue what's going on.  I need to talk to my people and I need to see if the things I'm hearing are correct. 

Josh?  Pearl?  Are you out there.  I need to speak with you right away.  Anyone heard from the Enterprise? 

4/9/09 03:09 pm - angel_deldiablo

Okay, you all are fucking boring. Off at your fancy parties and eating deep fried food.

What about the rest of us who are left behind?

3/27/09 12:36 pm - starfiredreams - Look What I Found

It's labeled as footage from some new horror movie. Ha.

((OOC: I put Ken in Ada's role, so pretend that's Ken. And he's not wearing a red dress. XD))

3/14/09 06:04 pm - tigerpriestess - Relocation

Yay!  We're here just in time for the best St. Patricks Day parties ever.  Hey Ken, can you get Shannon to tell Mayra we're here?  Maybe she'll come for a visit.

2/27/09 04:19 pm - angel_deldiablo

Someone needs to entertain me.

Or I'll start up another production of the Rocky Horror Picture Show.

Starring the pretty new girl, Robyn.

Actually, this isn't a half bad idea. Lesse, who else can we cast...? Ooo, her husband would make a divine Rocky.

2/23/09 06:48 pm - tigerpriestess - looking for someone

Um, hi.  I'm just trying to get in touch with someone and IRIS said that I might be able to find him here. 

This is going to sound crazy but some guy tried calling me about a project I've been working on, but the call got forwarded to my husband and he didn't give me the message.  I have no idea who it was or what they wanted. 

I can't really give out too much information because...well that doesn't really matter.  Does this ring a bell to anyone?

2/20/09 05:12 pm - ummira_mattina

Who wants a screaming three year old?

She's going real cheap today.

2/18/09 03:57 pm - airenwoodmoon - QOTD

Is the Hokey Pokey really what it's all about?

2/5/09 01:51 pm - snowred_rose

I do not recognize this access point.  Unauthorized access restricted.
Who are you?

2/5/09 12:16 pm - starfiredreams - Hello!

I guess I gotta post something about myself.

Hiya! The name's Jr. Technically Gaignun Kukai Jr but let's not call me that- it gets too confusing.

I'm the commander of the Durandal (if you're on Terra you can probably see it- it's that funny shaped star in the sky. I caught it one night) and a director of the Kukai Foundation.

So, hey!

~A decent boldness ever meets with friends.

2/5/09 11:44 am - fortunaarial - *squee*

I passed my oral boards!  I'm in good running now for being the head of the med bay I get assigned to.  I'm so excited. 

2/2/09 07:49 pm - tigerpriestess - What's important

I think it's important to note one thing.  It is entirely my fault that Jonny and I are no longer married.  No matter how much anyone *coughgoecough* wants to think that Jonny's wrong, he's not.  It's not his fault, it's mine and I don't blame him for being mad at me.  That being said, I will now shut up.

2/2/09 07:04 pm - fortunaarial - happiness

I was just thinking that it would be nice to have up a friendly subject.  Anyone have any ideas on something pleasant we can talk about?

2/2/09 12:47 pm - airenwoodmoon - Question of the Day

You all made me do it.

How many times do you think it'll take of Jonny screwing up before he realizes that he's the one with unresolved feelings?

Man, I love you and I know you're on my side and everything but taking the foot out of the mouth might be a good thing.

2/2/09 11:49 am - angel_deldiablo

Rabbids. Anyone seen them?
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